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A Look at LGBTQ Parenting History

Radical Relations

I’ve written a lot about the history of LGBTQ parents to help show that we’re not really a newfangled and untested phenomenon, despite opinions to the contrary. We have a past to be proud of and the shoulders of role models to stand on. Here’s a recap for LGBTQ History Month.

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Here’s Why Second-Parent Adoptions Are Still Needed


Even though all states now recognize that married same-sex parents who have children through donor insemination are both parents to their children, a recent New York court decision highlights in detail why second-parent adoptions are still necessary. This is vital reading for all same-sex parents who have not yet done one.

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Children of LGBTQ Parents: Readings and Resources

A couple of recent articles look at the perspectives of children with LGBTQ parents—and I’ve pulled together a plethora of further resources.

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Resources for LGBTQ Prospective Foster Parents

National Foster Care Month

Thinking of becoming a foster parent? Here are some ideas for where to start, in celebration of National Foster Care Month.

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The New Mombian YouTube Channel: 200+ LGBTQ Family Videos


I’m very excited to announce the new Mombian YouTube Channel, where I’ve collected and organized over 200 videos about LGBTQ families. There are videos for and by both LGBTQ parents and our kids, so come check it out!

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