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LGBTQ Back-to-School Resources: 2017 Edition

Enlarged and improved for 2017! Here’s my annual collection of back-to-school resources for LGBTQ parents, parents of LGBTQ children, and educators, built on a list I started in way back in 2006. I hope it remains useful, whether your children are just entering school, starting a new school, or encountering new situations in their educational journeys.

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Transgender Parents, Being Visible

It’s the Transgender Day of Visibility, so here are some resources, stories, and demographics by and about transgender parents.

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What Do Kids Call Their LGBTQ Parents? 100s of Answers


“What do your kids call you?” Many of us LGBTQ parents have gotten this question—and many of us asked it of others when we were considering parenting. Six years ago, I posted a form to collect and share answers to this question, and the responses keep coming in (with 230 so far!), so I thought I’d do a fresh post about it–and ask again for more answers!

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12 Resources for LGBTQ People Considering Adoption

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month, so here’s a revised version of my list of resources for LGBTQ people considering adoption.

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A Look at LGBTQ Parenting History

Radical Relations

I’ve written a lot about the history of LGBTQ parents to help show that we’re not really a newfangled and untested phenomenon, despite opinions to the contrary. We have a past to be proud of and the shoulders of role models to stand on. Here’s a recap for LGBTQ History Month.

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