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Bisexual Parents Still Count

Bisexual Flag

It’s Bisexual Visibility Day, which seems like a good time to repost a slightly revised version of a piece I wrote last year on “How many bisexual parents are there?”

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Talking with Kids about Transgender Athletes and Others

Chris Mosier

Chris Mosier, the first transgender athlete on a U.S. national team, is starring in a new Nike ad during the Olympics. If you’re watching with your kids, however, they may (like mine) have questions about what it means to be transgender. Here are some resources to help you answer.

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Our Pride Goes On


It’s the end of Pride Month, but far from the end of our pride. Last year at this time, our pride was celebratory. This year, it is resolute.

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What Do Kids Call Their LGBTQ Parents?


Brandy and Susan of The Next Family recently shared their story about what their kids call them—so I thought it was time to repost the survey of parenting names that I’ve been collecting since 2011. Add your names!

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4-Year-Old’s Story Shows Why We Need Gender-Neutral Bathrooms


Let’s let a four-year-old remind us why we must stop the recent assaults on transgender and gender nonconforming people’s bathroom access.

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