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Punk Rocker, Transgender Dad Laura Jane Grace Talks with Fresh Air


Singer Laura Jane Grace, lead singer of the band Against Me, spoke today on NPR’s Fresh Air about the appeal of punk rock, her gender transition, and being a dad.

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Transgender Parents, Being Visible

It’s the Transgender Day of Visibility, so here are some resources, stories, and demographics by and about transgender parents.

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International Women’s Day and Teaching Our Sons

International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and while I support those who are striking today (and will not shop today myself), I don’t think it hurts the cause simply to elevate the Day’s message of “a more inclusive, gender equal world,” especially among my largely female audience. Hence this post about my son and gender equity.

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New Video Encourages Trans People to Foster or Adopt

New Family Social - trans adoption

A sweet new video to kick off LGBT Adoption & Fostering Week in the U.K. features a transgender adoptive dad encouraging other transgender people to foster or adopt kids.

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Stories of Trans Lives


If there is one small positive in the attack on transgender people by the Trump administration, it is that more stories of trans kids are appearing in mainstream as well as LGBTQ media outlets. We owe it to those children to read their stories and ensure that our society is welcoming to them—but we also need to remember and support other trans lives.

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