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Watch: “Gender Revolution” Extended Trailer

Reminders on a Post-It amongst family photos in the Ford home. (photo credit: National Geographic/Jeremy Simmons)

This Monday is the television premiere of Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, and I highly recommend it to everyone. The documentary blends both personal stories and scientific knowledge to present a textured and understanding look at gender and what it means to be intersex or transgender. Here’s a sneak peek.

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“Gender Revolution” Documentary Blends Stories and Science

National Geographic/Jeremy Simmons)

For J. R. Ford, father of a five-year-old transgender girl, appearing in the National Geographic documentary Gender Revolution was “more than an obligation.”

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“How To Be a Girl” Podcast: Life with a Transgender Daughter

How to Be a Girl

Here’s another podcast to add to your playlist: “How to Be a Girl,” a single mom’s exploration of life raising her transgender daughter.

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National Geographic to Feature Trans Girl on Cover

National Geographic - Gender

An upcoming issue of National Geographic magazine will feature a nine-year-old transgender girl on the cover and tie in to a two-hour documentary on “the shifting landscape of gender.”

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What Does Social Science Say About Kids of Lesbian and Gay Parents?

LGBTQ Families

A new policy brief gives us a great summary of the state of social science research about lesbian and gay parents and our children.

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