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Finally Pregnant, but Still Worrying: One Woman’s Story

Pregnant belly

Thanks to Sarah Toce, founder and publisher of The Seattle Lesbian, for this guest post about becoming pregnant after fertility struggles and still feeling anxiety and guilt despite the good news.

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Pro-Choice Means Having Choices


When Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, announced that she was pregnant, anti-choice activists reacted with surprise, as if being in favor of abortion rights meant being anti-pregnancy. RH Reality Check responded in turn with the Tumblr Pregnant, Parenting, and Pro-Choice, showing that the three can and do co-exist. Here’s my contribution—share yours.

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ELLE Features Androgynous Maternity Clothing Line

Boxers from Butchbaby & Co.

ELLE, one of the leading fashion magazine in the world, has just revealed sketches of the new androgynous maternity (“alternity”) clothing line from Butchbaby & Co. and posted a fantastic interview with the founders. Gender-nonconforming fashion is fashion indeed. Catch a sneak peek after the jump here, too.

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NPR Misleads in Article on Pregnant Transgender Men


NPR reported a few days ago on a new study of transgender men who have been pregnant. The author tries to be sympathetic to the challenges they face, but risks confusing people about the difference between being transgender and being a butch lesbian.

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Pregnant LGBQ Women Wanted for Study on Postpartum Well-Being

Pregnant belly

One of the social scientists I (and many others) cite often when it comes to LGBQ parents and our kids is Dr. Abbie Goldberg of Clark University. She’s conducting a new study on postpartum well-being in sexual minority women, and is looking for pregnant women partnered with other women. Know any (including yourself)? Read on.

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