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Post of the Week: “The Tiger and the Penguin”

Post of the Week

My Post of the Week pick this time is a poem from a child who has a thing or two to say about unusual friendships.

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New Film Features Trans and Masculine-of-Center Pregnant People

A new documentary film shares the stories of transgender and other masculine-identified people who have chosen to give birth.

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Posts of the Week: Pregnancy Posts

Post of the Week

This week’s Posts of the Week are all about being pregnant or having a spouse/partner who is pregnant. Come see what these women’s experience has been, and go leave them some comments of encouragement!

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Finally Pregnant, but Still Worrying: One Woman’s Story

Thanks to Sarah Toce, founder and publisher of The Seattle Lesbian, for this guest post about becoming pregnant after fertility struggles and still feeling anxiety and guilt despite the good news.

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Pro-Choice Means Having Choices

When Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, announced that she was pregnant, anti-choice activists reacted with surprise, as if being in favor of abortion rights meant being anti-pregnancy. RH Reality Check responded in turn with the Tumblr Pregnant, Parenting, and Pro-Choice, showing that the three can and do co-exist. Here’s my contribution—share yours.

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