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Watch the Video on Adoption Discrimination that Fox News Found “Too Powerful”

Kids Pay the Price (Movement Advancement Project)

It’s no secret to most readers here that so-called “religious freedom” laws on adoption and foster care in several states are nothing more than permission to discriminate—often against LGBTQ prospective parents and LGBTQ youth, among others. The ultimate effect is that child welfare agencies are allowed to act in ways contrary to the best interests of the children in their care. When a leading LGBTQ equality think tank tried to place a 30-second ad about this on Fox News, however, the network refused to air it.

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In the Wake of Charlottesville

Black and White

As a child, there were two things I thought were unfathomable and absolutely morally wrong: nuclear war and Nazis. To see both in the news again as real threats to our country sickens and appalls me. But while nuclear war felt like a broad threat against all humanity, Nazism felt more personal. It was hate largely directed against a group—Jews—of which I was part. (It was only later in life that I added “queer” to that list as well.)

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New Adoption Discrimination Legislation Sparks Need for “Public Outrage”

Emily Hecht-McGowan

An increasing number of states are risking harm children in foster care by allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people and others who wish to foster or adopt them.

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A Christian Lesbian Mom Writes of Faith and Family


Religion and LGBTQ people are often portrayed as oil and water—not surprising, given the religious motivation of many anti-LGBTQ bigots. One lesbian mom, however, has recently written of how her Christian faith gives her strength as a lesbian and a mother.

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Inauguration Preacher Once Tried to Remove “Heather Has Two Mommies” from Library

Heather Has Two Mommies

Rev. Robert Jeffress, who preached at a private prayer service for now-President Donald Trump just before the inauguration, once tried to remove Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate from his local library—but his efforts backfired.

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