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Moses Had Two Mommies: And Other LGBTQ Passover Thoughts

Moses and Miriam

Tonight is the first night of Passover, when Jews around the world gather to celebrate freedom from slavery in Egypt, under the leadership of a man who had two mommies.

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Celebrate Purim with a Book About A Kid with Two Dads

The Purim Superhero

The Jewish holiday of Purim begins Wednesday evening, so make sure to check out this Purim book featuring a boy with two dads!

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Indiana Bill Would Allow State-Funded Adoption Agencies to Discriminate


A bill was sent to the full Indiana Senate that would allow state-funded adoption agencies and businesses to discriminate, excludes protections for transgender people, and removes the ability of local municipalities to pass their own LGBT non-discrimination protections.

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Gay Dad Among “10 American Rabbis You Haven’t Heard Of, But Should”


Rabbi and gay dad Gil Steinlauf was recently named one of Tablet magazine’s “10 American Rabbis You Haven’t Heard Of, But Should.”

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Kim Davis, “Religious Freedom,” and the Impact on Children


I’ve been thinking about religion a lot lately. As a Jew, I’m looking forward to the High Holidays that begin this week, and as the Jewish mom of a 12-year-old boy, I’m looking forward to the start of a year that includes his bar mitzvah preparation. As a lesbian mom, however, I look at what is being done in the name of religion to thwart LGBTQ equality, and I shudder.

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