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Here’s Why Second-Parent Adoptions Are Still Needed


Even though all states now recognize that married same-sex parents who have children through donor insemination are both parents to their children, a recent New York court decision highlights in detail why second-parent adoptions are still necessary. This is vital reading for all same-sex parents who have not yet done one.

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Coming Out for Hillary

Hillary Clinton sign

Eleven years of blogging about being a lesbian mom means I’m pretty much as out as can be—but this year, on National Coming Out Day, I’m thinking about the importance of being out during one of the most contentious U.S. election seasons ever.

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Unmarried Nonbio Mom Still a Parent, Says Massachusetts’ Highest Court

Massachusetts State Seal

Yes, even in Massachusetts, the first state to have marriage equality, same-sex parents have had to fight for their rights—not least because the benefits of marriage don’t cover unmarried parents. Today, however, saw a clear victory for one unmarried nonbiological mother and her children.

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Things That Are — and Are Not — Presidential

2016 Election

On this morning after the first presidential debate, two short lists.

I hope they help put things in perspective.

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Mexican Supreme Court Approves Adoption Rights for Same-Sex and Single Parents

Flag of Mexico

The Mexican Supreme Court ruled Friday that adoption should be in the best interests of the children, regardless of the sexual orientation or relationship status of the prospective parent(s).

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