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Keeping Families Together, No Matter How They Are Formed


I’m very pleased to bring you a guest piece by Patience Crozier, an attorney with GLAD who was co-counsel in a key case about the rights of nonbiological moms. She not only discusses the case, but also shares some key points that unmarried same-sex parents or prospective parents should know about securing ties to their children.

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How a Two-Dad Couple Made History in 1997

History of LGBTQ Parents

Continuing my series of posts for LGBTQ History Month, here’s a look back at 1997, when a two-dad couple in New Jersey made history with a joint adoption that forced a change in state law.

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Two Big Wins for Nonbio Parents This Week

Scales of Justice

Courts in Missouri and New York affirmed this week that nonbiological parents should be recognized as parents under the law—nice victories, but also a reminder that we need to apply this in our own lives, even in cases of divorce or separation.

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NPR’s All Things Considered: Yes, Second-Parent Adoption Is Still a Good Idea


NPR’s All Things Considered today aired a segment on second-parent adoption that you should go listen to right now if you’re not sure whether to do one, if you’re going to do one, or even if you’ve done one.

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Watch the Video on Adoption Discrimination that Fox News Found “Too Powerful”

Kids Pay the Price (Movement Advancement Project)

It’s no secret to most readers here that so-called “religious freedom” laws on adoption and foster care in several states are nothing more than permission to discriminate—often against LGBTQ prospective parents and LGBTQ youth, among others. The ultimate effect is that child welfare agencies are allowed to act in ways contrary to the best interests of the children in their care. When a leading LGBTQ equality think tank tried to place a 30-second ad about this on Fox News, however, the network refused to air it.

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