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Nebraska Still Not Issuing Proper Birth Certificates for Kids of Same-Sex Parents

Birth Certificate

It’s been almost a year since marriage equality has been law across the U.S.—but Nebraska still isn’t issuing proper birth certificates to the children of same-sex couples.

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Progress and Problems: Same-Sex Parents in China and Italy


Italy has just approved civil unions for same-sex couples—but without adoption rights. And in China, one of the first lesbian couples to start a family through in vitro fertilization tells their story.

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Massachusetts Senate Passes Transgender Protections Bill

Massachusetts State Seal

Allow me a moment of hometown pride. The Massachusetts Senate has just passed a transgender protections bill—and while it is not yet law, it is a breath of fresh air after the awful anti-trans bill passed in North Carolina.

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“Let us Write a Different Story this Time”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Sometimes there are moments that give me hope about our country. One of them was yesterday, when Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced a federal civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina’s HB 2 “bathroom bill.”

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“Meet My Child” Say Moms of Trans Kids

Meet My Child

A new transgender advocacy organization has released a touching video sharing the stories of transgender kids and their parents. It just might be the best strategy to counter fearful and fearsome “bathroom bills.”

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