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Same-Sex Parents (and Our Kids) Speak Out Around the World


Same-sex relationship recognition is up for a vote in both Italy and Switzerland in the coming weeks—and parents are, not surprisingly, helping to push for equality. And in Australia, one 11-year-old girl is speaking out for her family.

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Indiana Bill Would Allow State-Funded Adoption Agencies to Discriminate


A bill was sent to the full Indiana Senate that would allow state-funded adoption agencies and businesses to discriminate, excludes protections for transgender people, and removes the ability of local municipalities to pass their own LGBT non-discrimination protections.

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Queer Parents Take Housing Discrimination Case to Federal Court

Tonya and Rachel Smith and their children

A Colorado same-sex couple, one of whom is transgender, is taking their housing discrimination case to federal court. The couple, along with their two young children, were denied a rental because the property owner worried their “uniqueness” would harm her standing in the community.

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Case of Lesbian Mom Denied Survivor Pension by FedEx Moves Forward

Stacey Schuett and Lesly Taboada-Hall with their children.

A federal judge Monday refused to throw out a lawsuit in which FedEx is denying a widow the survivor pension of her spouse, a longtime employee who died of cancer.

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An Entrance and an Exit for Two Political Lesbian Moms


This week saw one prominent mayor and lesbian mom leave office while another one began her term.

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