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President’s Foster Care Proclamation Includes LGBTQ Parents, Kids, Marriage Equality


President Obama’s proclamation of National Foster Care Month has once again included parents and children of all sexual orientations and gender identities. It also mentions marriage equality as a factor in giving more kids the chance to find loving homes.

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Italy Approves Two-Mom Second-Parent Adoption


An Italian court has said a two-mom couple can adopt the other’s biological children—the second time in recent months such a case hasn’t been appealed. The ruling has limits, however.

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Inequality in North Carolina: Think of the Children


Ask any parent of a young child, and they’ll tell you that access to public restrooms is a big deal. Our tots seem to have a sixth sense about the most inconvenient time to get the urge (halfway across the mall from the restroom, say). The idea of having my access to a restroom questioned—both for me personally and as a parent—is repellant. I’ve tried to keep that in mind as a cisgender woman thinking about what’s happening in North Carolina.

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Nonbio Moms Still Fighting for Equality, Even in Massachusetts

Mary Bonauto

Yesterday, Massachusetts’ highest court heard the case of a nonbiological mother fighting for legal parentage of the two children she planned and raised with a former partner.

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4-Year-Old’s Story Shows Why We Need Gender-Neutral Bathrooms


Let’s let a four-year-old remind us why we must stop the recent assaults on transgender and gender nonconforming people’s bathroom access.

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