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Salt Lake City’s Mayor (and a Lesbian Mom) Marries


Jackie Biskupski, mayor of Salt Lake City and a lesbian mom, got married yesterday to her fiancée, Betty Iverson. Both women were mothers prior to their relationship.

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The Republican Platform: ­Leaving Out Love

American Flag

I had a good time poking fun at the plagiarism and grandstanding of the Republican Convention, as did many of my left-leaning friends. My amusement quickly turned sober, however. The fact remains that the 2016 GOP platform directly targets LGBTQ families and LGBTQ youth.

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#ShesWithThem — #ImWithHer


There are many reasons I support Hillary Clinton for president. One was made very clear at last night’s Democratic Convention—but don’t listen to me: listen to the Mothers of the Movement.

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Of Parenting and Privilege

Black and White

I had an encounter with the police a few weeks ago. I am an avid cyclist, and had a flat while on a ride, about 15 miles from home. I was struggling to change my tire when a local officer drove by, stopped to see if I needed help, and offered to drive me to my house.

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Blocked: Mississippi Law Allowing Marriage and Adoption Discrimination


A late-night win to close out Pride Month: A federal judge has said a new anti-LGBTQ Mississippi law that would have allowed people to discriminate by citing religious beliefs is unconstitutional.

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