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Mexican Supreme Court Approves Adoption Rights for Same-Sex and Single Parents

Flag of Mexico

The Mexican Supreme Court ruled Friday that adoption should be in the best interests of the children, regardless of the sexual orientation or relationship status of the prospective parent(s).

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Trump’s Child Care Plan Is a Marvel of Misogyny and Bad for LGBTQ Parents

Photo credit: Cathy Kaplan/

Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his child care plan yesterday. Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a marvel of misogyny and shows no awareness of LGBTQ families.

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Birth Certificate Victory for Same-Sex Spouses in Wisconsin

Birth Certificate

A federal court has ruled that Wisconsin must issue accurate birth certificates for children of married same-sex couples. Yes, even more than a year after national marriage equality, we’re still having to go to court to protect our families.

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New U.S. Treasury Map Reveals Details of Same-Sex Marriages

From Joint Filing by Same-Sex Couples after Windsor: Characteristics of Married Tax Filers in 2013 and 2014 Robin Fisher, Geof Gee, and Adam Looney

A new study from the U.S. Treasury has revealed the most detailed picture to date of same-sex marriages across the country—with some interesting observations about same-sex spouses with kids.

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Continuing to Remember

World Trade Center

Many of us have a 9/11 story. Here’s mine, which I have posted for many years now—but it doesn’t seem right not to remember it again, even as we move forward to create a better future.

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