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Federal Court Says Lesbian Mom May Sue Right-Wing Orgs for Role in Kidnapping Daughter

Scales of Justice

A federal court on Monday granted permission for a lesbian mom to sue the right-wing organizations and attorneys who allegedly helped her ex-partner kidnap their daughter.

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A Christian Lesbian Mom Writes of Faith and Family


Religion and LGBTQ people are often portrayed as oil and water—not surprising, given the religious motivation of many anti-LGBTQ bigots. One lesbian mom, however, has recently written of how her Christian faith gives her strength as a lesbian and a mother.

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Action Alert: Keep LGBT Elders, People with Disabilities in Key Federal Surveys


The Trump Administration has proposed eliminating LGBT elders and LGBT people with disabilities from key federal surveys, removing the federal government’s ability to assess the effectiveness and extent of the federally funded services they receive. Here’s what you can do to help stop this erasure.

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Three Parents Recognized in NY Ruling

For Pi Day, a post brought to you by the number three: A New York judge has granted shared custody to three people who had been raising a child together in a polyamorous triad—and relied on the earlier case of a two-mom couple in in his ruling.

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South Dakota Enacts Law Allowing Adoption Discrimination

South Dakota

The governor of South Dakota has signed a new law allowing foster-care and adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ prospective parents and others.

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