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Flour Power

Wedding Cake

In one of my son’s favorite video games, an artificial intelligence system promises the player cake if she completes various challenges. As the player proceeds through the game, however, she finds graffiti claiming “The cake is a lie,” and it becomes clear that the AI is stringing her along with malicious intent. The Trump administration has similarly revealed the lie of its promised friendship—its “cake”—to the LGBTQ community. (Remember the image of then-candidate Trump holding a rainbow flag at a rally almost exactly a year ago?) Fittingly, the latest confirmation of the administration’s true intent revolves around actual cake.

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Queer Parent Candidates Win Big in Election

U.S. Flag

Yesterday’s election saw big wins for queer candidates—including several who are also parents, and in two cases, grandparents.

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Turning Tragedy into Action


A deadly attack on a crowd in New York City. A mass shooting in Texas, leaving at least 26 people slain. It’s easy to feel despair when this comes only a month after the largest mass shooting in American history, and after years of similar tragedies. What can we do?

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New Film Shows Lesbian Families’ Struggles and Resilience in the South

Alabama Bound - Deidre

A new documentary follows three lesbian families as they fight for equality in Alabama. Watch a trailer and learn more about the still-ongoing struggle for relationship and parenting equality in this state.

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Know Your Classmates Day Works to Bridge Differences in Middle School

Know Your Classmates

Following right after yesterday’s anti-bullying Spirit Day is the synergistic National Know Your Classmates Day, an initiative aimed at ending social isolation, nurturing healthy relationships, and addressing fear of differences among middle school students. Over 850 schools across the country are taking part this year.

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