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In the Wake of Charlottesville

Black and White

As a child, there were two things I thought were unfathomable and absolutely morally wrong: nuclear war and Nazis. To see both in the news again as real threats to our country sickens and appalls me. But while nuclear war felt like a broad threat against all humanity, Nazism felt more personal. It was hate largely directed against a group—Jews—of which I was part. (It was only later in life that I added “queer” to that list as well.)

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“Conversations With People Who Hate Me” Models How We Can Start to Bridge Difference

Conversations with People Who Hate Me

Can the gap between hater and hated ever be bridged? Writer, performer, and video maker Dylan Marron asks that question in a new podcast in which he converses with those who have sent him hate mail. It offers us all some useful lessons.

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Children’s Books About Resistance and Social Justice


The recent events in Charlottesville—and the ongoing struggle our country has with racism and other forms of oppression—underscore the importance of raising children who are accepting and inclusive of all, and have the strength to stand against the actions of those who are not. Here are a few reading ideas.

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A Ban on Trans Service Members Harms Them, Their Children, and Our Country

American Flag

Like most of the LGBTQ community and our friends today, I’m furious at President Trump’s policy-via-tweet ban on transgender people serving in the military. I’m also worried about the children of currently serving trans people, who may soon see their family incomes plummet or disappear if their parent(s) are kicked out of the service.

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Supreme Court Ruling on Nonbiological Parents Highlights Progress and Challenges

U. S. Supreme Court

Several court cases involving same-sex parents could be helped by a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling—but the cases also underscore the obstacles we are still facing and suggest some needed actions for all of us to take.

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