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A Very Brief History of LGBTQ Parenting

History of LGBTQ Parents

For LGBTQ History Month, let’s take a quick tour of LGBTQ parenting history in the U.S. to remind us that our “modern families” really have older roots.

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Two Big Wins for Nonbio Parents This Week

Scales of Justice

Courts in Missouri and New York affirmed this week that nonbiological parents should be recognized as parents under the law—nice victories, but also a reminder that we need to apply this in our own lives, even in cases of divorce or separation.

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“Lesbians Who Try to be Good Mothers”: A Look Back at 1973

History of LGBTQ Parents

For the second in my series for LGBTQ History Month, here’s a New York Times piece from 1973 that marvels at the confluence of lesbians and motherhood.

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Recalling the History of LGBTQ Parents: A Series

History of LGBTQ Parents

It’s LGBTQ History Month, so I’m going to celebrate with a series of posts linking to historical stories, including primary sources, that help illuminate the history of LGBTQ parents and our children.

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Another American Tragedy

Las Vegas

I was going to write something different this morning.

Then a man opened fire on a crowd in Las Vegas, leaving 59 people dead and 520 injured.

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