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Lesbian Parenting Hacks

The idea of “life hacks” is a growing phenomenon right now, especially in the geek community. A computer hack, in the non-malicious sense, is a small script or shortcut to facilitate common tasks. A “life hack” is any tip or trick to help cut through the clutter of our everyday lives. Several prominent blogs, notably […]

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California Recognizes Lesbian Parents’ Rights

The California Supreme Court issued three rulings yesterday stating that lesbian partners who have children while they are a couple are both entitled, and required, to be treated as the children’s parents, regardless of whether they are formally registered as domestic partners. This puts lesbian parents on an equal footing with unmarried heterosexual parents, and […]

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National Sex Offender Public Registry

The National Sex Offender Public Registry went online today. The site contains names, pictures, and addresses of offenders in 22 states, and will include the remaining public registries within six months. One of those “I wish we didn’t have to have this” items, but useful under the circumstances.

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Oh Canada!

Canada joined the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain today in recognizing gay marriage nationwide. Expect some interesting legal cases as Canadians marry same-sex U. S. citizens, U. S. gay couples want to marry in Canada, and Canadian gay couples want to immigrate to the U. S. Someone should calculate what all of this will cost the […]

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Better Hold Off on Those Tickets to Barcelona

The Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia has stated that a Spanish man cannot marry his Indian partner because the Spanish civil code says foreign residents seeking to wed Spanish citizens are bound by the laws of their country of citizenship. The Court did not formally rule on this, however, but merely stated it in […]

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