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Newsflash: Same-Sex Parents Similar to Straight Ones

Another from the “But we knew that” department: The San Antonio Express-News has a good article today profiling two families, one with lesbian parents, one with straight, and showing they are more alike than different. Joking aside, it’s a timely piece, given the upcoming Texas vote (November 8) on a proposed constitutional amendment that would […]

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GLBT Community Reaction to New Supreme Court Nominee

As many of you are by now aware, President Bush today named Judge Samuel Alito as his next nominee to the Supreme Court, replacing Harriet Miers. Here’s what the Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal have to say about the choice, seeing Alito as a choice of the far right and raising a number of […]

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Periods, Brain Activity, and a Female President

Posted on my Salty Snack science and technology blog: Periods, Brain Activity, and a Female President, a note about some recent research on our favorite (!) monthly event.

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Rosa Parks Has Died

Civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks has died of natural causes at age 92. As we continue to fight for civil rights for all, may we not forget those who have gone before us.

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What Are Little Girls Made Of?

The Huggies Baby Network recently featured an article by Lisa Beamer titled “The Greatest Things About Girls.” It horrified me, frankly, to see yet another example of how people even now smother their children in traditional gender roles. Here are some select quotes: I loved having my boys, but after several years of trucks, dinosaurs […]

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