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Same-Sex Couples in UK Can Now Adopt

Some good news to end the year: Same-sex couples (and heterosexual, non-married couples) in the UK are now legally able to adopt children or become co-parents through in-vitro fertilization. The Adoption and Children Act also gives parents who gave up children for adoption the right to try and trace their children, and to be put […]

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Family Pride Guide

The Family Pride Coalition is now offering a free Family Pride Guide: A Guide to Talking With Your Child about Political Attacks on Our Families. Their goal is to help LGBT parents talk with their children about media coverage of LGBT issues, some of which may be negative. They offer suggestions on creating a home […]

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Gay Weddings in the UK: Quote, Unquote

Civil partnerships between same-sex couples are now legal in the UK. I am celebrating this development with as much joy as I celebrated the first Vermont civil unions (and perhaps more, since I once lived in the UK for two years). It’s wonderful that same-sex couples will now get the same rights, protections, and responsibilities […]

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Update on Ford: Company will Advertise in LGBT Publications

A quick update on the rumor that Ford was pulling ads for Jaguar and Land Rover from LGBT publications because of pressure from the far right-wing American Family Association: Ford has reversed its decision not to run the ads, and will be placing them in such publications. I know many of the large LGBT organizations […]

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Ford Pulls Most LGBT Ads; Rumored Link to AFA

Nineteen LGBT-rights organizations have released a joint statement expressing their concern over reports that Ford is pulling most of its LGBT-targeted advertising because of pressure from the extreme-right-wing American Family Association. Ford claims the move was made for business reasons, and although they are no longer advertising their Jaguar and Land Rover brands in LGBT […]

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