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Watch: New Baby Dove Ad Shows Trans Mom as Part of Two-Mom Family

Baby Dove

A new video ad for Baby Dove, a line of baby bath products, includes a transgender mom who’s part of a two-mom family.

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Marriage Equality May Provide “False Sense of Security” About Parental Rights

Marriage equality, while “a game-changer for LGBT families,” may also give some parents a “false sense of security,” according to a new report.

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Last Ban on Gay and Lesbian Foster Parents Falls — with an Asterisk

Scales of Justice

Yesterday, the Nebraska Supreme Court struck down the state’s ban on “homosexuals” becoming foster parents, meaning that gay men and lesbians can now be treated equally in foster care placements in all 50 states—maybe.

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Court Compares Gavin Grimm to Human Rights Icons

Gavin Grimm

Federal judges today issued an eloquent memo praising Gavin Grimm, the transgender teen boy who has been fighting for equal access to the boys’ restroom in his school, comparing him to past civil rights icons, even as they said they would not expedite his case.

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Washington Supreme Court Overturns Discrimination in Lesbian Mom Custody Case

Rachelle Black (right) and her partner, Angela Van Hoose. Photo courtesy Legal Voice.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled today that a lower court improperly looked unfavorably on a lesbian mom in a child custody case because of her sexual orientation.

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