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Kentucky Judge Recuses Himself from Adoptions by Gay Parents

Scales of Justice

A family court judge in Kentucky has recused himself from hearing adoption cases involving anyone who is a “practicing homosexual.”

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Google Home Ad Uses Two-Dad Family to Show Off New Tech

Google Home ad

A two-dad family stars in a new ad for Google Home—and while it’s as normalizing a slice of family life as we ever see on TV, it’s also a very clever use of a family because they’re a same-sex-headed family.

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Love and Science: How Science Has Helped LGBTQ Families

Today, the March for Science in Washington, D.C. and hundreds of other global locations will encourage science that “upholds the common good” and allows evidence-based policymaking in the public interest. I thus thought this was a good time to look at how science has specifically helped LGBTQ parents and our children.

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Give OUT Today for Our Families

Give OUT Day

This year, with LGBTQ equality under threat, the nonprofits supporting our families need our help more than ever. Please consider giving today, the fifth annual Give OUT Day, in order to increase the impact of your giving.

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The White House Easter Egg Roll and LGBTQ Families

Many are questioning the Trump administration’s preparation (or lack thereof) for the venerable White House Easter Egg roll, a 139-year-old tradition—and one that has recently been a place of visibility for LGBTQ families, mine included.

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