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New Women’s March Coloring Book — with Queer Families (and Many More)

We March

A new coloring book for all ages celebrates last January’s Women’s March—and includes several queer families and individuals among the many diverse people in its pages.

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U.S. Supreme Court Says Arkansas Same-Sex Parents Have Right to be on Kids’ Birth Certificates

U. S. Supreme Court

In a major win for LGBTQ families, the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday overturned an Arkansas Supreme Court ruling and said both parents in a same-sex couple have the right to be on their children’s birth certificates.

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Arizona Court: Married Nonbio Mom Has No Claim to Parenthood; Obergefell Is Irrelevant

Arizona Flag

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that a nonbiological mother is not entitled to be seen as a parent, even though she was married to the biological mother, they planned the child together, and both of their names were on the child’s birth certificate. It also said that the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling in Obergefell has nothing to do with parenting statutes.

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Texas Joins List of States Allowing Discrimination in Adoption and Foster Care


The governor of Texas has added his state to the list of those that allow child placement agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ, Jewish, Muslim, single, divorced, or other prospective parents based on the agency’s “sincerely held religious beliefs.” This will serve to limit the number of homes available to children in need. The new law will also permit LGBTQ youth to be sent to widely discredited “conversion therapy” and allow agencies to refuse to refer people to medically appropriate reproductive health services.

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The Best States for LGBTQ Families

A new report from a major philanthropic foundation looks at “state trends in child well-being.” Families with LGBTQ members, however, will likely want to cross-reference it with some LGBTQ-specific studies if they want to determine the best state for them.

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