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Action Alert: Tell Scholastic Why You Love Their LGBTQ-Inclusive Kids’ Books


The right-wing group One Million Moms has launched a campaign asking publisher Scholastic to stop publishing and promoting LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books. Let’s launch back.

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Tragic Killings End and Start the Year

In Memoriam

After a queer mother, her two young children, and her partner were slain in New York in late December. comes news of two more Black, queer parents and one of their children being killed.

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Will Gay Penguin Parents Help Save a Species?

Yellow-eyed penguin

A New Zealand animal rescue organization is using male penguin pairs in an attempt to save the endangered yellow-eyed penguin.

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As Reproductive Technology Advances, Let’s Remember Parenthood Isn’t Just Biology

Egg and sperm

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have made an advance that could someday lead to same-sex couples being able to use both parents’ DNA to create their children. Cool—but let’s make sure not to use this as a reason to prioritize biological parents over nonbiological ones.

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2017: A Good News, Bad News Year for LGBTQ Families


Was 2017 a good year for LGBTQ parents and our children? The political situation in the U.S. was grim, but we also saw progress in some areas.

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