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Government Withdraws Protections for Transgender Students


The U.S. Departments of Justice and Education have withdrawn guidance instituted by the Obama administration on how schools should protect transgender and gender nonconforming students under Title IX. This serves the purpose of neither justice nor education.

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Not Explaining; Simply Being

Speech Bubble

A must-read for this President’s Day is writer and parent Jennifer Finney Boylan’s piece at Medium, “I’m all done explaining my humanity.” She’s talking about being transgender—but it’s a piece everyone should read, trans and cis alike.

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Birth Certificate Victory for Lesbian Moms in Federal Court

South Carolina

Two lesbian moms won a legal victory yesterday when a U.S. District Court in South Carolina ruled that it is unconstitutional for the state to deny accurate birth certificates to children of married same-sex couples.

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Needed ASAP: Older Children of LGBTQ Parents for SCOTUS Amicus Brief

U. S. Supreme Court

Time-sensitive action alert: Older children of LGBTQ parents are needed to lend their voices to an amicus brief for the U. S. Supreme Court in a case seeking to overturn an Arkansas decision that denied same-sex parents the right to be on their children’s birth certificates.

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Zales Reprises Same-Sex Couple in Valentine’s Day Ad

Zales ad

Jeweler Zales’ Valentine’s Day ad this year includes the same two-bride couple who premiered in their winter holiday ad last November and sparked the ire of right-wing group One Million Moms. Clearly, that hasn’t slowed the company down.

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