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Posts of the Week: For the Winter Weather

Post of the Week

I’m making a commitment to be more regular with my “Post of the Week” picks, so here are a few posts from some lesbian moms about the cold winter weather many of us have been experiencing lately—and how you and your families have been coping.

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Post of the Week: “If the shoe fits…” — On Kids and Gender Expression

Post of the Week - Mombian

Halloween often brings up the topic of kids and gender expression, so I thought I’d highlight a recent post from Pajamamamas about navigating her almost-six-year-old son’s shoe choices.

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Post of the Week: “Imposter … or Not”

Post of the Week - Mombian

Many of us have been there. As we grow our families, we realize we can no longer hide . . . the fact that we drive a minivan. Betsy of Turkey Baster and a Bottle of Wine wrote recently of overcoming her own internalized vanophobia in “Imposter . . . or not.”

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Post of the Week: “Mom, am I gay?”

Post of the Week - Mombian

That Neat Blog’s “Mom, am I gay?” post was an easy choice for my Post of the Week. It’s about a straight mom’s response to her five-year-old son’s question — but the topic of talking with kids about being gay seems relevant to many of us.

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Post of the Week: “What do you call your moms?”

Post of the Week - Mombian

Emma Tattenbaum-Fine has two moms, and recently tackled the age-old question of “What do you call your moms?”

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