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Know Your Classmates Day Works to Bridge Differences in Middle School

Know Your Classmates

Following right after yesterday’s anti-bullying Spirit Day is the synergistic National Know Your Classmates Day, an initiative aimed at ending social isolation, nurturing healthy relationships, and addressing fear of differences among middle school students. Over 850 schools across the country are taking part this year.

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Spirit Day: More Important Than Ever

Spirit Day

It’s Spirit Day, GLAAD’s annual event to speak out against LGBTQ bullying and stand with LGBTQ youth, who disproportionately face bullying and harassment. At a time when our nation’s leader is setting an example of how to bully, events like these—and the actions they can inspire all year long—are more critical than ever before.

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Keeping Families Together, No Matter How They Are Formed


I’m very pleased to bring you a guest piece by Patience Crozier, an attorney with GLAD who was co-counsel in a key case about the rights of nonbiological moms. She not only discusses the case, but also shares some key points that unmarried same-sex parents or prospective parents should know about securing ties to their children.

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How a Two-Dad Couple Made History in 1997

History of LGBTQ Parents

Continuing my series of posts for LGBTQ History Month, here’s a look back at 1997, when a two-dad couple in New Jersey made history with a joint adoption that forced a change in state law.

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Coming Out in the Trump Era

Rainbow Flag

Our country feels very different than it did a year ago on the last National Coming Out Day, when the prospect of an LGBTQ-friendly president was still possible. Now, however, the day feels even more like a time for activism and resistance.

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