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Thanks to Lifehacker for covering our Lesbian Parenting Hacks post today. Lifehacker is a great site with tips for making our lives more productive and efficient, something we moms certainly value. If you haven’t visited it already, I highly recommend doing so. They always seem to have something useful.

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Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Katrina has gotten me thinking about how important disaster preparedness is, for both governments and individuals. While it’s clear the government has some improvements to make, they are not things that most of us can make happen immediately. (Though if you feel so inclined, you can write to your elected officials about such matters.) […]

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Eat Your Vegetables!

I’m tired of going to restaurants with my son and reading children’s menus that go like this: Chicken Fingers and French Fries Grilled Cheese and French Fries Hamburger and French Fries Hot Dog and French Fries What’s missing? Vegetables! (Leaving aside the argument that potatoes are technically vegetables–so is chocolate, since it’s made from cocoa […]

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Lesbian Parenting Hacks

The idea of “life hacks” is a growing phenomenon right now, especially in the geek community. A computer hack, in the non-malicious sense, is a small script or shortcut to facilitate common tasks. A “life hack” is any tip or trick to help cut through the clutter of our everyday lives. Several prominent blogs, notably […]

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California Recognizes Lesbian Parents’ Rights

The California Supreme Court issued three rulings yesterday stating that lesbian partners who have children while they are a couple are both entitled, and required, to be treated as the children’s parents, regardless of whether they are formally registered as domestic partners. This puts lesbian parents on an equal footing with unmarried heterosexual parents, and […]

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