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How to Make a Decision: Family Creation and Other Major Choices

I’m occasionally asked, usually by lesbian friends considering pregnancy, how my partner and I chose our sperm donor. Truth be told, we didn’t use any particular methodology other than agreeing on key factors (health above all), starting with a broad list, and refining, refining, refining. With most sperm banks, you can get free, short profiles […]

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Get Your Tits Squeezed Today: National Mammography Day

October 21 is National Mammography Day. To find a facility in your area, please call: American Cancer Society (800) 227-2345 National Cancer Institute (800) 4-CANCER Do it for yourself. Do it for your partner. Do it for your kids.

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Essential Tool: A Headlamp

Enough politics for a while. Here’s another in my ongoing series of Essential Tools: a camping headlamp. Even if the closest you’ve been to camping is sitting on your back porch with a beer, one of these lightweight lamps can be indispensable when you’re working behind a bookshelf, under a cabinet, or in the corner […]

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Lambda Families of NJ 5th Biennial GLBT Family Conference

This coming Saturday, October 22, Lambda Families of NJ is hosting their 5th Biennial GLBT Family Conference at Montclair State College. It is a chance both to learn and socialize with other LGBT-headed families. There are workshops for parents, those planning on becoming parents, kids 8 to 11 years old, and kids 12 and over. […]

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South Asia Earthquake

Over 40,000 dead. Over 60,000 injured. 3.3 million homeless, with winter fast approaching. The South Asia earthquake is the third major natural disaster in the past twelve months, following Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean tsunami, and as such, risks facing a world tired of donating, airlifting, and rebuilding. As a mother, I cannot read […]

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