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Duct Tape and Diapers

The moms’ group I belong to had a thread on its message board recently about using duct tape to secure diaper tabs. I happened to mention this in an e-mail to Erica over at Lifehacker, and she said it’s a trick she’s used herself. She was kind enough to mention me in her post about […]

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Periods, Brain Activity, and a Female President

Posted on my Salty Snack science and technology blog: Periods, Brain Activity, and a Female President, a note about some recent research on our favorite (!) monthly event.

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Kids, Food, and Advertising

The Guardian has a lengthy article today on the effect of advertising, particularly food advertising, on kids. (It has a U. K. perspective, and mentions some U. K.-specific findings, but most of its major points apply equally to the U. S. and elsewhere.) While some blame advertising for children’s obesity, unhealthy materialism, and dissatisfaction with what they (or […]

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Melissa Etheridge and Breast Cancer Donation

As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, I want to mention that Melissa Etheridge is donating all of her record royalties from her new song “I Run for Life” to breast cancer charities, along with 100% of of the proceeds from download sales of the song at and the iTunes Music […]

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What Are Little Girls Made Of?

The Huggies Baby Network recently featured an article by Lisa Beamer titled “The Greatest Things About Girls.” It horrified me, frankly, to see yet another example of how people even now smother their children in traditional gender roles. Here are some select quotes: I loved having my boys, but after several years of trucks, dinosaurs […]

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