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Follow-up on Non-Bio Moms in Washington

The Seattle Times has a good editorial reinforcing what I said in my previous post about the recent Washington state ruling that gives a non-bio mom the right to seek parental rights. The key point: This dispute could have been avoided if the Washington Legislature had given the two women the ability to get married. […]

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New Non-Bio Mom Rights in Washington; Necessary but Not Sufficient

The Washingon State Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a non-bio mom who raised a child with her partner from birth to age 6 can seek rights as a “de facto parent,” the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. This is certainly better than a ruling to the contrary, but doesn’t go as far as California’s August ruling that […]

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Baby Gear Recommendations


I thought some Mombian readers might be interested in the list of baby gear recommendations I wrote up for a friend who was pregnant. Every child is different, though, so every parent’s list of “essentials” will be different. YMMV, but this should get you started. I’ve given a few brand names for items we particularly liked, but for most things, it really doesn’t matter. (Warning: Long list ahead.)

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Newsflash: Same-Sex Parents Similar to Straight Ones

Another from the “But we knew that” department: The San Antonio Express-News has a good article today profiling two families, one with lesbian parents, one with straight, and showing they are more alike than different. Joking aside, it’s a timely piece, given the upcoming Texas vote (November 8) on a proposed constitutional amendment that would […]

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Baby Took Over My Brain

During pregnancy, my partner would often excuse her hormonally induced behavior by saying “Sorry, the baby took over my brain.” Turns out there might be something to that. Scientists in Singapore, China, and Japan have conducted research on mice showing that fetal cells can migrate into the mother’s brain and develop into various nervous system […]

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