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One-Pot Cooking

Eartheasy has some great ideas for one-pot cooking, including “templates” for three different types of dishes: rice, potato, and pasta based. You can adapt them to suit your tastes and leftovers. These are useful for those of us with young kids who need to cook quickly, or those who want to limit the mess when […]

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A Mom by Any Other Name

What do our children call us? This is a recurring topic on several of the lesbian-mom blogs I read, and has popped up as a question on Mombian as well. Most recently, the Faggots on the Third Floor blog has asked whether “mommy” tends to be used for the bio mom, and “mama” for the […]

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Teaching Toddlers to Read

A recent research paper suggests that simply reading to toddlers may not help them learn to read, although it may have other developmental benefits. Apparently (and not surprisingly), toddlers focus on pictures more than words. They won’t learn to read words, though, unless the reader points out letters and words as well as narrates the […]

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Follow-up on Non-Bio Moms in Washington

The Seattle Times has a good editorial reinforcing what I said in my previous post about the recent Washington state ruling that gives a non-bio mom the right to seek parental rights. The key point: This dispute could have been avoided if the Washington Legislature had given the two women the ability to get married. […]

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New Non-Bio Mom Rights in Washington; Necessary but Not Sufficient

The Washingon State Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a non-bio mom who raised a child with her partner from birth to age 6 can seek rights as a “de facto parent,” the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. This is certainly better than a ruling to the contrary, but doesn’t go as far as California’s August ruling that […]

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