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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

Lots of good stuff this week, including thoughts from an Australian senator and lesbian mom on her country’s move towards marriage equality, new initiatives around foster parenting and adoption, a new memoir from a former punk rocker and (current) lesbian mom, and more.

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Groundbreaking Director of Films on Lesbian Parenting and LGBTQ Inclusion in Schools Dies at 60

Debra Chasnoff

Debra Chasnoff, the Academy Award-winning film director of Choosing Children, about the first generation of out lesbian moms, and a number of award-winning LGBTQ-inclusive educational films, has died at the age of 60 from breast cancer.

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California Approves LGBT-Inclusive Textbooks for K-8 Classrooms


Great news out of California: The state Board of Education yesterday evening approved 10 LGBT-inclusive history and social studies textbooks to be used in K-8 classrooms–and rejected two that excluded LGBT people.

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Queer Foster Parent Series Aims for Second Season

The F Word

The two moms who gave us a glimpse into their foster-to-adopt journey this fall want to bring us a second season of their video series, looking more broadly at the world of foster care.

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Two-Dad Family Featured in PeopleTV’s “Family Portrait” Series

Family Portrait.

Dads Ben and Daniel Bowman are part of People TV’s new Family Portrait video series on “the diversity of modern families.”

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