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Post of the Week: “Reader”

Post of the Week

I write a lot, as this blog is proof, but my writing is built on a deep and abiding love of reading. How great, then, to find a post by a lesbian mom who shares her thoughts about reading, identity, and LGBTQ-inclusive books.

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Talking Turkey (Again): A Holiday Survival Roundup

Thanksgiving plate

Once again, it’s almost Thanksgiving, which for many of us means dinner with extended family, not all of whom share our political views or an understanding of what it means to be LGBTQ. Here’s an updated roundup of ways to survive the holiday–with a few dashes of inspiration thrown in.

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Poll: Majority of LGBTQ Americans Have Experienced Harassment or Violence


The majority of LGBTQ Americans say they have experienced violence, threats, or harassment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, according to a new national poll. These results are sobering—but only tell part of the story.

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Still Remembering


Today marks the 19th International Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. Even as our thoughts today turn to the transgender community, their parents, children, and friends, may they also turn towards what we can do to help end the violence.

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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

Lots of good stuff this week, including thoughts from an Australian senator and lesbian mom on her country’s move towards marriage equality, new initiatives around foster parenting and adoption, a new memoir from a former punk rocker and (current) lesbian mom, and more.

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