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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

Education takes the spotlight this week, along with a number of family profiles. Read on and see what’s new.

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Three Parents Recognized in NY Ruling

For Pi Day, a post brought to you by the number three: A New York judge has granted shared custody to three people who had been raising a child together in a polyamorous triad—and relied on the earlier case of a two-mom couple in in his ruling.

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Victoria’s Secret Model with Lesbian Mom, Gay Dad Talks About Her Family

Josephine Skriver - Harper's Bazaar

It’s turning into a video week around here, but I can’t help but share Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver’s new video about standing up for her family—and how her lesbian mom had put out an ad seeking a gay dad to have a baby together.

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International Women’s Day and Teaching Our Sons

International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and while I support those who are striking today (and will not shop today myself), I don’t think it hurts the cause simply to elevate the Day’s message of “a more inclusive, gender equal world,” especially among my largely female audience. Hence this post about my son and gender equity.

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New UN Video by Children’s Author Shows Harm in Anti-LGBTQ Bullying

UN Free and Equal

A new video shows the harm in anti-LGBTQ bullying—and encourages people to make a positive difference.

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