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Talking Sex and Gender with Our Kids

Polka Dots

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As a lesbian mom, I’ve encountered two potential pitfalls in talking with my son about sex and gender.

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Remembering Julia Wagg, a Leader for LGBTQ Families

The community of LGBTQ families lost a leader in April, but her passing went almost unnoticed in the media outside of her home of Ottawa.

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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup: “What Makes a Parent?” Edition

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

Here’s what’s happening that I haven’t covered in separate posts—including several pieces by children of LGBTQ parents and two that explore how the definition of parent is changing.

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Texas Advances Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Harmful to Children


The Texas legislature has advanced two bills that will cause harm to children living in the state. One keeps transgender students from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity; the other allows religion-based discrimination in adoption and foster care.

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New Documentary Highlights LGBTQ Foster Families

Finding Life

May is National Foster Care Month, so what better time to watch the new documentary Finding Life, about LGBTQ foster parents and their children?

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