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LGBTQ Back-to-School Resources: 2017 Edition

Enlarged and improved for 2017! Here’s my annual collection of back-to-school resources for LGBTQ parents, parents of LGBTQ children, and educators, built on a list I started in way back in 2006. I hope it remains useful, whether your children are just entering school, starting a new school, or encountering new situations in their educational journeys.

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Watch: “My Lesbian Mums” Explores When a Parent Comes Out

My Lesbian Mums

In a lovely new video for BBC Newsbeat, Jillian Stewart shares her own experience and interviews her brother and stepsisters about what it was like for them when their moms came out. She speaks with their moms, too, and with a gay dad couple who also came out after one of them had kids in a previous relationship.

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Post of the Week: “Transition: The Renaming of Hope”

Post of the Week

This Post of the Week is a lovely piece by a queer mom about her partner’s gender transition and their family. It’s not a blog post, really, since it was published in the prestigious Georgia Review literary magazine—but the fact that it appears there is itself notable, and it’s definitely worth a read.

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“Families Like Yours” Film about LGBT Families Gets World Premiere

Families Like Yours

Families Like Yours, a new documentary “exploring the love, compassion, sacrifice, and success of LGBT families in America,” premiered in New York City yesterday, and will soon make its way to LGBT film festivals and conferences around the world. Watch a trailer.

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The Price of LGBTQ Parenthood


What does it cost for an LGBTQ person to become a parent and raise a child in the U.S. today? What are the particular challenges we face? I investigate those questions in a new article for the Advocate.

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