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“The Fosters” Season Premiere Tackles Gun Violence

The Fosters - Potential Energy

The Fosters, Freeform’s lesbian mom drama, has its summer premiere Monday, and tackles a presciently timely issue: gun violence.

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More on Talking with Children About Orlando

Stonewall Vigil for Orlando

On Tuesday, I wrote of talking with my son and other children about the Orlando massacre. Here are a few similar pieces by others. Would that we never had to write them.

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Discussing Orlando with Children


My 13-year-old son said all the kids on his bus today were talking about the shooting in Orlando. At some point, we cannot shelter our children from news such as this. But how do we talk about it with them?

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Speaking from the Silence

Day of Silence 2016

Today is the Day of Silence, when many students from middle school to college choose not to speak, in order to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment. Let’s take a moment to honor those who are taking a stand today—and on so many other days as well.

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Participate in the Lesbians and Breast Cancer Study

Lesbian Breast Cancer Study

Identify as a member of the lesbian community? Help contribute to a better understanding of lesbian health by participating in an anonymous study about lesbians and breast cancer, whether you are a survivor or have no history of the disease.

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