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Watch: Our Family PSA Shows Past, Present, and Future of LGBTQ Families

Our Family Coalition PSA 2016

Here’s your five-minute Monday feel-good video: a new PSA from Our Family Coalition talking about the past, present, and future of LGBTQ families.

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Listen: Two Dads Share Story of Adoption


Take five minutes today to listen to the story of two dads in Atlanta and how they adopted their son in 1999–with a little help from the community.

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Salt Lake City’s Mayor (and a Lesbian Mom) Marries


Jackie Biskupski, mayor of Salt Lake City and a lesbian mom, got married yesterday to her fiancée, Betty Iverson. Both women were mothers prior to their relationship.

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What’s It Like Growing Up with Same-Sex Parents? It Depends

Same-sex Families

Several adults who grew up with same-sex parents have shared their stories recently—including one of the first to be adopted by two men in the U.S.

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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup – Father’s Day Edition


A very happy day to all who define yourselves as fathers, have or had fathers, or use Father’s Day to celebrate any parent, donor, or other important person in your family. Here are a few recent pieces that explore some of the many ways of being a dad.

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