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What Do Kids Call Their LGBTQ Parents?


Brandy and Susan of The Next Family recently shared their story about what their kids call them—so I thought it was time to repost the survey of parenting names that I’ve been collecting since 2011. Add your names!

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Moses Had Two Mommies: And Other LGBTQ Passover Thoughts

Moses and Miriam

Tonight is the first night of Passover, when Jews around the world gather to celebrate freedom from slavery in Egypt, under the leadership of a man who had two mommies.

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“Other Mother” Tales


What’s it like being the nonbiological mom in a two-mom family? Check out U.K. comedian Jen Brister’s great series on being the “other mother” for one hilarious perspective.

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Film About Kids with Same-Sex Parents to Get Theatrical Release

Gayby Baby

Gayby Baby, an Australian documentary from the perspective of children with same-sex parents, will be premiering around the world this April. Watch the trailer here.

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Two Books Tell the Stories of LGBTQ Families

Modern Families

Stories have power. Two new collections of stories about the creation of LGBTQ families reinforce that point with two very different approaches.

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