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Queer Foster Parent Series Aims for Second Season

The F Word

The two moms who gave us a glimpse into their foster-to-adopt journey this fall want to bring us a second season of their video series, looking more broadly at the world of foster care.

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12 Children’s Books Featuring Queer Adoptive Families

Real Sisters Pretend

November is National Adoption Month, so here are a dozen children’s books about adoptive families with queer parents!

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Keeping Families Together, No Matter How They Are Formed


I’m very pleased to bring you a guest piece by Patience Crozier, an attorney with GLAD who was co-counsel in a key case about the rights of nonbiological moms. She not only discusses the case, but also shares some key points that unmarried same-sex parents or prospective parents should know about securing ties to their children.

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How a Two-Dad Couple Made History in 1997

History of LGBTQ Parents

Continuing my series of posts for LGBTQ History Month, here’s a look back at 1997, when a two-dad couple in New Jersey made history with a joint adoption that forced a change in state law.

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A Very Brief History of LGBTQ Parenting

History of LGBTQ Parents

For LGBTQ History Month, let’s take a quick tour of LGBTQ parenting history in the U.S. to remind us that our “modern families” really have older roots.

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