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Three Parents Recognized in NY Ruling

For Pi Day, a post brought to you by the number three: A New York judge has granted shared custody to three people who had been raising a child together in a polyamorous triad—and relied on the earlier case of a two-mom couple in in his ruling.

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Warmth for the Winter

Trees and Snow

February, despite being the shortest month, is often a hard one. Where I live, any day might be a snow day, with my son home from school and the sidewalks needing to be shoveled. The usual routine of laundry and groceries and dinner doesn’t stop. In recent weeks, too, I have been distracted by the news stories of a government chipping away at the rights of LGBTQ people, immigrants, and others. How not to be overwhelmed by it all? Here are some of the stories about LGBTQ families and our allies making February just a bit warmer.

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Adoption Grant Program Seeks LGBTQ Prospective Parents: Apply Now!

Need financial help to complete an adoption? Apply for a grant from the LGBTQ-friendly! Their spring deadline is coming up, and they’d love to have more LGBTQ people apply.

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Don’t Stop Dancing

Domo and Chrissy

Vloggers and spouses Domo and Crissy have had some people say hateful things because Domo, the more masculine of the two, is pregnant. Their response? Dancing.

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12 Resources for LGBTQ People Considering Adoption

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month, so here’s a revised version of my list of resources for LGBTQ people considering adoption.

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