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Mazel Tov to My Son


On Saturday, my son became a bar mitzvah, taking on the mantle of Jewish adulthood. I couldn’t be prouder—and I couldn’t be more thankful for the family and friends who came together to support him.

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Tomorrow’s Post Will Be Preempted by my Son’s Bar Mitzvah


I’m about to be the mother of a teenager. A little event we’re having for the occasion on Saturday means I’m going to be too busy actually parenting to be writing about parenting for the next couple of days. Hope you understand.

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Child Health Outcomes the Same with Two Moms or Mom and Dad: New Study


A new study on the health of children with two moms is the first to use a nationally representative survey to compare only children whose parents have been in a continuous relationship. It concludes they’re doing just fine, thank you.

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Catch Up on Gender-Expansive Kids’ Video Series Before New Episode

Sez Me

The fifth episode of Sez Me, a gender-expansive and queer-positive Web video series for kids, drops next Wednesday, so take time now to catch up on any of the previous episodes you’ve missed.

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What Role Does Family Acceptance Play in LGBTQ Youth Wellbeing?

What We Know

Sometimes as parents we do what we think is right for our kids only to find out that it’s not. That’s why a new compilation of research about the link between family acceptance and LGBTQ youth wellbeing is so important, especially for youth with anti-LGBTQ parents.

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