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Queer Foster Parent Series Aims for Second Season

The F Word

The two moms who gave us a glimpse into their foster-to-adopt journey this fall want to bring us a second season of their video series, looking more broadly at the world of foster care.

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A Meeting in Church and “A Covenant with God” for Two Lesbian Moms in the 1970s

History of LGBTQ Parents

As we near the end of LGBTQ History Month, let’s look back at the story of two moms who met in church in 1970, fought their ex-husbands and the courts, made a documentary, and were among the early public faces of same-sex parenthood, all before the decade was out.

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Denying LGBTQ Identities in Death

My mother recently died from cancer, and so end-of-life issues are much on my mind. As a straight, cisgender woman, she will be buried next to my father under a common gravestone, with the name she prefers. Our family will honor both her individual identity and the life she and my father created together. Not all LGBTQ people can expect the same, however, as several recent incidents have reminded us.

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“Camperships” Available to Defray Costs of LGBTQ-Friendly Kids’ Camp

Want an LGBTQ-friendly place for your kids to spend time this summer, but worried about the costs? I’m pleased to report that CampOUT, for kids of LGBTQ parents and LGBTQ kids, is offering almost full “camperships” for the fees of many campers.

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Ohio Lesbian Moms Lead Way in Opening Up Marriage Recognition for ALL

A federal court in Ohio on Friday announced that it will soon rule that the state’s ban on recognizing the out-of-state marriages of same-sex couples is unconstitutional — bringing immediate relief to the four married plaintiff couples seeking to ensure their children’s legal security by having both parents on their children’s birth certificates.

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