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North Carolina Bans All Bathrooms


The North Carolina legislature has responded to the backlash from its recent anti-LGBTQ law by banning all bathrooms throughout the state.

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Indiana Bans Cake in Wake of Religious Freedom Bill

No cake

The front line of LGBTQ equality isn’t courts or state houses. It’s bakeries.

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An HRC Sticker and a Mistaken Identity


Here’s a funny story about an HRC sticker and a case of mistaken identity.

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For Hanukkah, Here’s a Funny Jewish Lesbian Mom Talking About Her Family

Dreidels - Hanukkah

A very Happy Hanukkah to all of you starting your celebrations tonight! In honor of the occasion, here’s a very funny video of Jewish comedian and lesbian mom Judy Gold talking about her family.

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Two Gay Flamingo Pairs Adopt Chicks

Chilean flamingos (not the actual Edinburgh pair). Photo credit: Jean, under CC by 2.0

Not one, but two same-sex pairs of flamingos at the Edinburgh Zoo have adopted chicks recently, the zoo reports.

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