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Same-Sex Penguin Moms “Thelma and Louise” Celebrate World Penguin Day

Sea Life Kelly Tarlton's Auckland and Tourism New Zealand World Penguin Day campaign. Pictured: Thelma and Louise with their foster chick born on the 25/02/2017. Tuesday 18 April 2017. Photograph Richard Robinson © 2017.

Yesterday was World Penguin Day, and a pair of same-sex penguin moms and their foster chick in New Zealand were among the stars.

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Trump Announces Key LGBT Appointments

White House

President Donald Trump today announced that he would be appointing LGBT people to key positions in his administration.

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Get Your “I Love My Mummies” Shirts for Halloween

I love my mummies

They’re back!

Get your “I Love My Mummies” t-shirts and other baby and kid apparel before Halloween.

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North Carolina Bans All Bathrooms

The North Carolina legislature has responded to the backlash from its recent anti-LGBTQ law by banning all bathrooms throughout the state.

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Indiana Bans Cake in Wake of Religious Freedom Bill

No cake

The front line of LGBTQ equality isn’t courts or state houses. It’s bakeries.

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