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Gay Penguin Dads to Form Support Group

Well, no. But the pair of male penguins that just hatched an egg together in Denmark makes the fourth such couple, by my count. At the very least, they should all get together and have brunch while the chicks swim. (Maybe they’ll even invite the gay flamingos.)

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So Few LGBT Parenting Memoirs, So Few Cover Designs?

LGBT parenting memoirs are few and far between. You’d think any publisher’s marketing and design team would take the time to investigate what’s already been done. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to take drastic measures here and declare a moratorium on LGBT parenting memoir covers with blue gradient backgrounds, all-lowercase white titles, and Ken dolls.

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Battening Down

Earthquakes, hurricanes . . . I’m waiting for the locusts. We’re battening down the hatches here in New England in preparation for Hurricane Irene. I usually cast a skeptical eye on the sensationalist weather forecasting that seems to be the norm these days, but in this case, I think precautions are warranted. Best wishes to those […]

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The Magic Schoolbus’ New Route

Those of you who have had kids in elementary school will likely know the Magic Schoolbus series. XKCD uses it to make a point about the state of science education: If you’re looking for real science resources for your children, check out Science News for Kids, an online science site for older elementary and middle […]

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What Was Your Favorite Lesbian Mom Celebrity News in 2009?

Let’s keep it light this week:

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