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New Book Shows Children’s Perspective on Mom’s New Girlfriend

Life with Mommy

A mom and her real-life daughters bring us a children’s book with the story of two girls whose mom is dating a woman. Some of the very first LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books had a similar theme, but it’s one that’s taken a back seat to more recent depictions of long-term same-sex parent couples. Here’s why it’s a theme worth reviving.

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“He’ll Always Be Dad”: Recalling Billy Tipton

History of LGBTQ Parents

Let’s continue our LGBTQ History Month exploration of LGBTQ parents in history with a look at jazz musician and bandleader Billy Tipton, who was also transgender and dad to three sons.

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A Meeting in Church and “A Covenant with God” for Two Lesbian Moms in the 1970s

History of LGBTQ Parents

As we near the end of LGBTQ History Month, let’s look back at the story of two moms who met in church in 1970, fought their ex-husbands and the courts, made a documentary, and were among the early public faces of same-sex parenthood, all before the decade was out.

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New Film Shows Lesbian Families’ Struggles and Resilience in the South

Alabama Bound - Deidre

A new documentary follows three lesbian families as they fight for equality in Alabama. Watch a trailer and learn more about the still-ongoing struggle for relationship and parenting equality in this state.

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New Kids’ Book Shows Gender-Creative Child as Hero

Ben, the Boy Who Paints His Nails

A new children’s book not only features a gender-creative child, but also gives us a whimsical tale about how he saves his town from a magical monster.

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