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Dottie’s Back with a New Sing-Along Book Asking “Who’s In Your Family?” (Plus a Secret Perk)

Dottie's Magic Pockets

Ten years ago, Dottie’s Magic Pockets became the first live-action series created especially for kids with LGBTQ parents. A music album followed. Now, its creators are back with a companion book to their song “Who’s in Your Family?” (and you can get a “super secret” early-bird perk)!

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Groundbreaking Director of Films on Lesbian Parenting and LGBTQ Inclusion in Schools Dies at 60

Debra Chasnoff

Debra Chasnoff, the Academy Award-winning film director of Choosing Children, about the first generation of out lesbian moms, and a number of award-winning LGBTQ-inclusive educational films, has died at the age of 60 from breast cancer.

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Queer Foster Parent Series Aims for Second Season

The F Word

The two moms who gave us a glimpse into their foster-to-adopt journey this fall want to bring us a second season of their video series, looking more broadly at the world of foster care.

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Halloween PSA Adorably Confronts Gender Stereotypes

My Heroes

Here’s something to brighten your day as you prep your children’s costumes (and your own?) and get the candy bowl ready—a two-minute Halloween video that challenges assumptions about gender.

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A Very Queer Halloween


Halloween is almost here, which for many of us means trips to the store to purchase overpriced costumes or hours spent sewing and hot-glueing homemade versions, both for our kids and for ourselves. October is also, however, LGBTQ History Month and the month of National Coming Out Day, making Halloween’s topics of heroes and hidden identities relevant in multiple ways. Here are some things that Halloween offers to support and sustain our multifaceted queer selves.

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