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Animal Magazines

My two-year-old son just received a subscription to Wild Animal Baby, a magazine for one to four year olds published by the National Wildlife Federation. It comes ten times per year, and is packed with age-appropriate stories, games, and activity ideas, all animal related. We very much enjoy it, and recommend it to any animal-loving […]

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Techno Knitting

I admit it; I love things that take traditional domestic activities and update them with a techno twist. I laughed at the giant excavator knitting project a few weeks ago, but was even more intrigued by KnitWit, “intelligent” knitting needles that detect needle movement and automatically count stitches and rows. This isn’t just technology for […]

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Moment of Silence

A moment of silence today in honor of the London bombing victims.

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More from the Butch/Femme Ambiguity Files

Artist Dave Cole has opened a new performance art piece at Mass MOCA, consisting of two construction excavators bearing 20-foot-long knitting needles. He will use them to knit an American flag over the course of the next several days.

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TV Tonight

Coming up tonight on Showtime, “Same Sex America,” a documentary following the path of the seven couples who spearheaded the successful effort to legalize same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. The show is repeated several times through July 9; check the SHO site for details.

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