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Schoolwork Boosters

Ah, September. For me, September, more than January, was always the start of the new year. I’m still a recovering academic, so I may need to go out and buy some new pencils and a notebook just to curb the shaking. For those of you with kids going back to school, here are a few […]

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International Blogging for Disaster Relief Day

Blogger Andy Carvin has declared today international blogging for disaster relief day. Bloggers in general have been writing about the disaster for several days now, doing everything from posting information about lost people, to offering material aid, to trying to organize technology assistance, to providing ground-zero coverage of the situation, but we applaud the effort […]

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Thoughts and Help for Hurricane Katrina Victims

Our thoughts today are with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We also hope that the aid workers and agencies treat affected LGBT families with the same respect and consideration as other families. You can assist hurricane victims by donating to the Rainbow World Fund, a GLBT and supportive-heterosexual humanitarian service agency. Donations made through RWF […]

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Lesbian Swans

They laid eggs together. They prepared for parenthood together. But Romeo and Juliet, the famous two swans residing in the Boston Public Garden (remember Make Way for Ducklings?) both turn out to be female, the Boston Globe reported Friday. Unfortunately, since the eggs were unfertilized, they did not hatch. Visitors have suggested artificial insemination so […]

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The Great Outdoors

Enjoy the last weeks of summer–find a state park near you and get outside. Little ones can ride in a backpack child carrier like the one pictured here. We have one for our son, and it’s nicely adjustable in case there are two wearers of different sizes. (Helpful hint for moms: wear a hat so […]

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