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How Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

Managing meal preparation and toddler(s) simultaneously can be a daunting task. You can make it easier by having your little ones help in the kitchen. Instead of having to cut playtime short so you can go cook (the cause of much toddler angst), start cooking a little earlier and call it playtime. Here are a […]

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Science for Kids

As a sometime astronomer and historian of science, I’m often prowling sites in those areas. My own son is still too young to start learning “science” per se, although his facility with latches and love of anything with a motor makes me think he’ll be an engineer like his other mom. Still, I was pleased […]

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artPad is a quick and fun online painting program your kids (and you) may enjoy. You can create online digital images, save them, e-mail them to friends, or even “replay” your painting process as a video. You can paint with a virtual brush, add text, or “spash” paint from a bucket, Jackson-Pollack style. If you […]

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Fall Family Fun

OK, enough political posts. It’s September already, and will be fall next week Hard to believe–I think kids warp time so it runs faster around them. Here are a few useful sites for some fall activities with your family: is a state-by-state listing of pick-your-own farms, along with recipes and more. The Stormfax Guide […]

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Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day is always the Sunday after Labor Day, which makes it this coming Sunday, September 11. In honor of this, the U. S. Census has put out some interesting facts and figures about grandparents in the U. S. I’m guessing they’re not counting same-sex grandparent households, but it’s hard to tell; the 2000 U. S. […]

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