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How to Build a Snowperson

If you’re in the Northeast today, and stuck home with kids watching the fluffy stuff come down, you might take a minute to review these instructions on how to build a snow [person]. OK, it’s really not that hard, and most of us don’t need written instructions. I like the tip about spraying the snowperson […]

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One Month to The L Word

It’s exactly one month till Season Three of The L Word premieres on Showtime. I’m excited. No, it’s not an entirely realistic or representative depiction of lesbian life– but Desparate Housewives isn’t exactly a realistic portrayal of straight life, either. Besides, I have a real lesbian life already. I want my fiction to be fictional.

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The Great Nursery-Rhyme Debate

A bit of quick fun for the holiday: Take a moment to participate in the poll on the right and help me solve the age-old question: Is it “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” or “Eensy-Weensy Spider”? Posts here will be sporadic the rest of the week until my extended family has departed. Have a great Thanksgiving, if you’re […]

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Colored Bubbles

Ever wonder why there are no colored bubbles? If you have kids, chances are you’ve played with bubble solutions that shimmer and shine, but which are basically clear. Bubbles in a solid hue, however, are a non-trivial problem in chemistry. Until recently, no one had created one. This didn’t deter inventor Tim Kehoe, however, and […]

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“In My Shoes” Documentary by Children of GLBT Parents

This weekend marked the 18th annual “Creating Change” conference sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Among other things, the conference included a screening of “In My Shoes,” a half-hour movie produced by middle and high school-aged members of COLAGE, about their experiences as children of same-sex parents. I haven’t seen the film […]

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