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Other Parenting and Family Sites, New and Old

It’s a new year, and there’s a new parenting site on the block: Parent Hacks, “a collaborative weblog of practical parenting wisdom.” It’s not specifically LGBT, but looks to be a good resource for general parenting tips. I can’t say I agree with them all, but that’s a matter of personal style. There’s still much […]

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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to you and your families, however you define them. No posts for a few days while we make merry here at our house.

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Brokeback Mountain

My partner and I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday. All the good things you may have heard about the film are true. Spectacular acting, writing, directing, and cinematography, and a story that needed to be told. I was saddened, however, that we had to drive an hour to an arthouse cinema to watch it–none of the […]

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Dykes on Bikes, Tykes on Trikes: Yikes!

The San Francisco motorcycle group Dykes on Bikes has finally won a trademark for their name, after initial refusals by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office because of a perception that “dyke” was a derogatory term. Unfortunately, “Tykes on Trikes” seems to be in use by several non-LGBT organizations that either donate tricycles to kids […]

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How to Build a Snowperson

If you’re in the Northeast today, and stuck home with kids watching the fluffy stuff come down, you might take a minute to review these instructions on how to build a snow [person]. OK, it’s really not that hard, and most of us don’t need written instructions. I like the tip about spraying the snowperson […]

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