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Smiling Snacks

Does anyone else find it disturbing that the motto of Goldfish crackers is “The Snack that Smiles Back?” I’m sorry, but vegetarian or not, I don’t want my food smiling at me. (Actually, at our house we’re partial to Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies when it comes to snack crackers. Cute and bunny shaped, but they don’t […]

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Winter Olympics

A little off-topic, but I dare say I’m not the only dyke looking forward to the Winter Olympics that start tomorrow. While the sports I personally play tend not to involve ice and snow (though I’ve been known to cross-country ski on occasion), I’m still going to be glued to the TV for two weeks. […]

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Gay Penguins Reject Females

Six gay male penguins at a zoo in Germany have been rejecting advances of females sent to mate with them. Gay rights groups were apparently upset when the females were introduced, but the zoo claims they are simply trying to form at least one fertile couple and a baby, not to pry the male penguins […]

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Xena and Gabrielle Continue to Mystify

Xena and Gabrielle long lived in an aura of mystery, often baffling those who dealt with them. (Not least the legions of fans wondering if the two of them were more than just friends.) The same is true of two distant objects in the solar system, nicknamed—you guessed it—Xena and Gabrielle. Scientists recently confirmed that […]

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The L Word Renewed for 4th Season

This just in. . . . Showtime today announced that it was renewing The L Word for a fourth season, due to premiere in 2007.

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