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A Turkey Baster Awareness Message


Herewith my annual public service announcement regarding certain items of kitchenware.

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Today Is a Gay Day to Celebrate

Massachusetts marriage ruling

Today is a day to remember. Twelve years ago today, same-sex couples gained the right to marry in a U.S. state for the first time. In the U.K., on the same day, the government repealed Section 28, which had prevented local authorities from “promoting homosexuality.” And three years to the day later, my spouse and I made our own marriage legal.

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Veterans Day: Pride, Progress, and Perseverance


It’s Veterans Day as well as Military Family Month, and I’m proud of many things, not least my own veteran.

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8 Pride Books for Kids


Pride Month is the highlight of the LGBTQ calendar, so here are a few children’s books to help our kids better understand what all the fuss is about. I’ve chosen works specifically about Pride as well as ones that explore other aspects of the LGBTQ rights movement and its history.

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Do Lesbian Moms Celebrate Father’s Day?


Father’s Day is this Sunday—a holiday that might seem to exclude children with only moms. The reality is a little more complex.

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