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UK Supermarket Features Two-Mom Family in Christmas Ad

Sainsburys - Greatest Gift

UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s features a two-mom couple, along with an interracial couple, in its upbeat Christmas ad for the year.

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Thinking of Our Country and Our Families This Veterans Day

American Flag

It’s Veterans Day as well as Military Family Month, and that has special import during this week of turmoil and division in our country.

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The Halloween Election Zombie Apocalypse — Again


Four years goes by fast. On Halloween in 2012, I posted this video from director Joss Whedon about how voting for Mitt Romney could lead to the zombie apocalypse. Substitute “Trump” for “Romney” and this is still relevant. Now that’s scary!

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Get Your “I Love My Mummies” Shirts for Halloween

I love my mummies

They’re back!

Get your “I Love My Mummies” t-shirts and other baby and kid apparel before Halloween.

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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup – Father’s Day Edition


A very happy day to all who define yourselves as fathers, have or had fathers, or use Father’s Day to celebrate any parent, donor, or other important person in your family. Here are a few recent pieces that explore some of the many ways of being a dad.

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